The Friday Five ~ August 14th

The Friday FiveWhat a great week it was for me. Probably the best I have had since Covid-19 came to call. So without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Five!

1. On Tuesday I got the call I had hoped for. After going through Arnie’s illness, nearly losing him, and the big bill, I was thrilled to learn that the Pharmaceutical Company will be paying for all of Arnie’s care.

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  1. Either way, Arnie was getting treatment. In fact, when he got sick, I didn’t realize that the drug companies guarantee their vaccines. It’s a nice gift to my pocketbook.
  2. It has been so hot! I am thankful that we have air conditioning. Even the dogs are not enjoying this heat! They are perfectly happy to chill out and take naps on and off all day long!
  3. I am reading a book written by a former High School Classmate of mine. It deals with his life-altering car accident, his death, and rebirth. It is fascinating to me, as the places he writes about are the places I know because I grew up in that town. The book is called “Pen, Paper, Prayer” written by James P. Holmes. Well done Jim!


4. I think I have pretty much tackled my mouse problem as I have had empty traps these last three days. I will keep setting them out though because mice tend to wander in as the weather gets cold.

5. Cooking this week has been a thrill. We’ve eaten Lobsters and stir-fried vegetables and chicken, and the best avocados! Also wonderful fresh salads and corn on the cob. Summers are great when you have so many fresh foods to choose from!

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