Life Is Never Dull

Dog Days of Summer

Sometimes all one wants to do is to curl up in the corner, with their dog and scream, yell, and cry at the frustrations in life!

It all started on Monday morning. I got my Informed Delivery Mail email, and saw that the check from the Pharmaceutical Company was in my mailbox! Hooray!

I grabbed a deposit slip and off I went to get the check and deposit it in our account. Easy peasy!

I got to the Post Office and went to my mailbox and there was no check! So, I went to the Customer Center and asked if they were done sorting the mail. Yes, yes they were. I showed the Clerk the picture of the envelope and he went back and did not see it. I was so upset, but there was nothing I could do but wait until Tuesday to check my mailbox!

Tuesday found me happily going to town to get my mail, and the check, that most certainly had to be in my box. I nearly skipped to the box and saw some mail in it! But, no check!

I went home feeling pretty ticked off about it, but I would need to wait until Wednesday to see if it magically appears!

I made a nice meal for our dinner. Scallops, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. The dinner was terrific and I enjoyed every bite. However, some of the corn was stuck in my teeth so I went to floss and suddenly…out popped my crown! I mean, it was just not the kindest way to end my day.

I woke on Wednesday and quickly showered and dressed and called my Dentist to get in to get my perfect crown glued back into place! My appointment was scheduled for 5:20 PM. Ugh!

So, I went to get the mail and hopefully the check, which I would deposit into the bank. I got there, and there was mail in the box, but once again…no check!

This time when I went to the Customer Center the Post Master was in and I was able to show him the piece of mail displayed on Informed Delivery, and he took down all the information. We chatted about the problem. He was going to make some calls, and hopefully, we will get our check by the end of the week, if not then we will need to contact the Pharmaceutical Company and explain the situation.

Life is certainly never dull.

Now I am waiting to get the tooth glued back on so that my life will go forward and I can chew without worrying about breaking that tooth. I will keep you posted on the missing check.

original-linear-image-dachshund-hearts-freehand-drawn-black-white-cartoon-79618182Postscript: I got in and my crown and the tooth were both unscathed. Both were cleaned up and the crown was cemented in. A perfect way to end my day!

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  1. Thank you and yes! As an only child who related better to adults than to other kids, I was out of high school before I had a real friend. So I learned early how to be alone constructively. Reading was my #1 escape.

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