Labor Day

Monday is Labor Day here in the States. Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.

What does this mean in reality? Most businesses are closed. It’s a long three (or four) day weekend. Many people go away to celebrate the end of the summer, as the school year usually starts right after this. (Some places start just before.)

People have gatherings, cooking hot dogs and hamburgers or steaks on the grill, and frankly, a lot of cold drinks and adult beverages are consumed!

Traffic is heavy, motels and campgrounds are booked up, and if you are lucky and the weather holds out, there is swimming and frolicking in the surf to be enjoyed.

This year Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were amazing weather-wise. It looks like Monday will be wonderful as well. Not overly hot but dry, in the mid-seventies, and with a lot of sunshine.


But then, things are different right now because of the Covid-19 virus. We do have many people who have filled our hotels, campgrounds, and restaurants. Our grocery shelves are bare and traffic! What a nightmare!

This Covid-19 thing has brought out both the best and the worst in people. But it is strange, how things have gone. I wonder if the Virus will be gone by this time next year? Will, we ever be able to go round mask free smiling at each other?

So wherever you are, I hope you can sit back and have a nice relaxed day. I hope you have some little thing that helps to put a smile on your face.


2 thoughts on “Labor Day”

  1. Smiling at each other without a mask would be a wonderful thing. Sometimes you can pick up a smile from a masked face.

  2. As it seems it will last quite long and nobody knows how long ! Rules are changed here all 5 min and you have to try to follow up ! We had to wear a mask everywhere, now only in Brussels and in Waterloo we have to wear masks inside shops and shopping centers and not on the street !! We are not allowed to travel in another country because we are “dangerous” just as the States (but you are even worse !) In Europe Spain is on the top now ! I think as long as there is no vaccine it will go away and come back all the time ! And the economy breaks down !

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