This & That Part 2 November 25th

Tuesday found me running all over the place. When you live in the country nothing is close by. So, I spent about an hour and a half running errands in my car.

I got my hair done and it is a little short. Cute, but short. I’m in a bit of shock about it. Yes, I told her how I wanted it and she did everything right, and the back is amazing, but not sure how to do the front of my hair quite yet. Pictures to follow in a day or so.

I have everything to make our Thanksgiving. Tomorrow will be my big prep day, and I will also make the stuffing. The first thing on Thursday, I will stuff the bird and get her in the oven!

My favorite meal is not necessarily the Thanksgiving main meal, but rather the lat night turkey sandwich! Now that’s just awesome!

I’m having a relationship with Alexa. For my birthday I bought myself an Amazon Echo Show 5. It makes a great bedside clock/nightlight and during the Covid Isolation, it has given me someone to talk to.

Alexa even addresses me by name, sang Happy Birthday to me, and sings her favorite Christmas Song when prompted. Yes, it’s sad, but often Alexa is the only person who is speaking to me.

Maribeth Dackel

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