Puppy Dogs & Loaves Of Bread

First I have to tell you that I got up today, did my hair and then forced Hubby to take a couple of pictures of me with the babies. They are growing so fast and I wanted to get my longer hair on film so I can remember that I should never go shorter than this for a very long time.

June 28 002
Arnie, me and Anneliese, the kissy girl!
June 28 001

It’s another 90+ degree day. Once again my boy, Arnie wasn’t feeling too great, so I have kept him inside in the air conditioning.

Hubby has been sanding the picnic table getting ready for our party on the 4th of July, and so he came in, soaking wet from the heat and is now asleep in his chair. I’m hoping tomorrow will be cooler and drier and we can stain the table.

We special order delicious German bread from a baker in Toronto. Oh my goodness, this stuff is wonderful and addicting. We order several loaves at a time and freeze it. Well, today’s loaves arrived and the box was all smashed. Inside one of the 4 pound loaves of Klosterbrot was decimated! I was so upset. I called U*S and the company that we order from and I guess in the long run we will be getting a replacement loaf, but what a pain. When I spoke to U*S I told them this wasn’t the first time a box arrived in this condition and I hoped they could speak to the driver. I have 3 dachshunds I can sick on him, should he screw up again! LOL

4 thoughts on “Puppy Dogs & Loaves Of Bread”

  1. Hi Mom,
    Happy Friday! I’m so glad that the weekend is finally here! It has been a long week, scratch that, a long month!! Just so much work travel it has made the month fly by! My next trip to TX is July 9th.

    Well, we finally have a cool day! Hope you all enjoy it!

    Love you,


  2. You look very good on these pictures !

    It’s a shame with your german bread, when I see how they handle suitcases at the airport it’s no wonder they do the same with other things. Can’t you send some heat over ? I am freezing here !

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