The Friday Five ~ December 4th

The Friday FiveHere we are, people. The first Friday of the last month of 2020. The weather is cold here, and the forecasters are all excited because the first winter storm “might” come this weekend! Ah, well. Here we go. My Friday Five for December 4th.

    1. I’d been working on a very important letter to my Insurance Company and I was all set to print it out on Wednesday when my connection to our Network Printer went Kaflooey!
    2. I attempted a simple fix or two, but then my laptop just crashed. I wasn’t too upset because I know how to reset the machine, which I started Wednesday night.
    3. By Thursday morning I still was frustrated by the darn thing, and by about 11:00 I decided to reload the machine, and if I cannot figure out how to get this blasted machine onto the wireless printing, I’ll eventually call someone for help. But for now, just being able to use my laptop again is a good thing.
    4. My Results are in. Call me surprised.
      Ethnicity Estimate:
      England & Northwestern Europe 49%
      Scotland 35%
      Germanic Europe 10%
      Norway 4%
      Wales 2%

Now I expected the English and German, but what threw me was how much of a Scottish Heritage I had. Jack insists that it is years of living with him. Ha! Norway and Wales also surprised me. It also told me that my sister was 100% my sister. My daughter was 100% my daughter and my Grandaughter was 100% my granddaughter. Now I am no expert on DNA, but this was fun!

5. Is anyone else doing their Christmas shopping online? It seems every day I get another delivery or four and right now I am nearly done with my shopping! Yay! I may just decide to decorate this house!

So that is what I’ve been doing and thinking about this week. Crazy, and wild, with Covid-19 spreading like wild-fire in my State, but somehow I am staying oddly calm.

Stay happy and stay safe, my friends!

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  1. I gave up on wireless printing. It worked fine for months and then became troublesome. I think I had to restart the router modem each time to fix it. In the end I just connect the pc to printer with a cable and it’s been fine ever since.

    I wonder if the Norway line is from Vikings?

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