The Friday Five ~ January 22nd


The last two days have been hard. Arnie and I are still looking around the house for our Anneliese, but she is not to be found. I was feeling as if I were nothing but a weak, emotional marshmallow, but then I remembered that I am one tough cookie and I will help get Arnie through this, as well as myself.

126286350_3903462606345193_4078022154943381664_nSo upon getting up on Thursday, I made my favorite breakfast, sat down, and slowly savored each bite.

In a week’s worth of sadness, here is the Friday Five. Yes, five good things I am truly thankful for.

  1. On the night after Anneliese left us, Savi and Quinn called me. Mandy had told them about Anneliese and they wanted me to know that they will miss her and that they loved me. Those simple words out of the mouths of small children meant the world to me.
  2. We needed fuel oil and on Tuesday the Oilman cometh! This was very important because our driveway was clear, and the truck had no trouble getting down our drive to fill our tank with 178 gallons of home-heating oil!
  3. I went to a psychic last year who told me that Katie was always with me and that she will do odd things to get my attention. He asked if I’d had blinking lights or any other sort of electrical oddities? Why yes, yes I have. So, on Wednesday morning the day after Anneliese left us, I was in the kitchen with my coffee sitting in the darkness only the lights of my Christmas tree to illuminate the kitchen. Suddenly my Christmas tree lights began to blink. Now many years ago I had tried to put the light in to make the tree blink, but it has never worked. But on Wednesday it worked. And it made me smile! Since then, the lights have not blinked again. I think it was Katie letting me know that Anneliese was with her. You may be skeptical but I just know in my heart that it was her. And it comforted me.
  4. It’s Thursday and what is it doing outside? It is snowing. I don’t expect it to accumulate too much, and today it is actually pretty.
  5. I think this weekend I will spend some time catching up on laundry. I need to clean Anneliese’s bed and put it away. I have left it out for Arnie. It felt right. But he’s doing better so it’s time to let her go and wash the bed.

So that is my Friday Five. Have a wonderful, safe and happy weekend!

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One thought on “The Friday Five ~ January 22nd”

  1. Baby it’s cold outside!
    Sweet of the grands to call you to offer comfort.
    That is nearly 700 litres of heating oil. I hope that is enough for your winter.
    The smell of Annaliese’s’ bed was probably good for Arnie but if he is ok, time to move on.

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