The Weekend Wrap ~ February 1st

P1160020 (3)The weekend flew by and I found myself once again cooking three actual meals or perhaps I should say 6 meals, as Jack does not eat what I eat. So, I’ve been busy.

I also decided that I needed to finally take down my little Christmas tree. This small tree was my Mom’s tree before she passed away. I use it now for many reasons, but remembering her is definitely one of them.

As I came close to the tree, I noticed that a lot of the lights were out on the tree. Now that’s no good! Usually, I wrap the tree up in plastic and store it until the next year. However, with these lights being out I decided to strip the tree this year and then get new lights for it for next year.

After the tinsel and garlands and ornaments were all off of the tree, I started to take off the lights. Two strings were dead, and half of the lights on the third string! Only the star shone brightly!

I went through and found replacement lights for the tree and ordered those. They were on sale, and once I am sure that they work, I will pack them with the tree.

But, the tree is down and the twinkling lights are gone. Time to get back to regular life once again!

I saw on the weather channel we are due for 6-12 inches of snow on Monday and into Tuesday. Ugh, more snow! So, I went out to the grocery store, picked up milk, bread, and eggs, and a few other things, and came home. I am now prepared for the storm!

I started my new book. This one is about Karen Carpenter and her struggles with Anorexia. It is so sad that she died so young (age 32) from this horrible illness. It makes me think that so many young girls are fat-shamed and they resort to starvation and other things to be what they think is perfect.

Oh my goodness. I finally watched a few episodes of “Sex and the City”. How did I miss watching that? Perhaps when it was on before I was too young to understand it.


But the last two days, I have laughed and laughed and really enjoyed the comical situations these women bring upon themselves. I know not everyone will like this show, but it is light fluff and cracks me up.

That pretty much wraps it up for now. I hope you all have a good week and if you are looking for a vaccination, I hope you can find one.


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