TBT: Shubi & Me

SUNSETThis is Shubi and me as we sat on a little bench overlooking our lake at sunset. This was taken the summer we built our house. Shubi was my little sunshine and one of the sweetest dogs ever!

img333Shubi and I traveled all over Europe. She had her own little Doggy Passport and she was simply a wonderful flier and so polite at restaurants and hotels!

shubi and meWe had a motorcoach for a while and drove all over the USA and Canada. Shubi was amazing and spent most of her time riding right in my lap!

HONEY (2)She really was the light in my life. She gave me more than I could ever have given her. She was greatly loved.

Picture from 2002 2003 058Shubi was born on December 1, 1995, in Landshut, Germany. She was my first wirehaired dackel! She lived just ten years and died young due to illness. But I can look back and smile at our wonderful ten years, because of what a great time we had together!

Maribeth Dackel

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  1. The first photo of you and Shubi is nice and you and Shubi asleep is funny. You are so well travelled and it shows.

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