The Friday Five ~ March 5th


This week really flew by. I had so many problems to solve and I spent more time than I wanted to on solving them. Ugh! Not all of them have been resolved, but that is a post for another day!

Here is this Week’s Friday Five!

  1. I saw this funny bit by Bill Engvall on Facebook and it made me laugh as I thought about my Lili and the dachshunds.

    In fact, on Thursday I was walking Arnie outside and the two neighbor dogs were outside with no supervision. They began to bark, and one of them came over the stone wall toward Arnie! I was in my slippers and down parka and I went running through the deep hard snow to “save” Arnie and twisted my leg. Ugh! Anyway, watch the clip and have a little laugh!

  2. Jack has now had his second Moderna Shot for Covid. Today I was able to make my appointment for April. Baby-steps! But at least I am moving in the right direction!
  3. We have more wind again. This is the type of wind that rattles your windows and doors and makes everything sound so loud! I wonder if we will have power outages?
  4. Will any of you watch Oprah’s hatchet job interview with Meghan and Prince Harry? I do not think I will. You see, I look at MM and PH as being two spoilt brats who think the world owes them. And somehow MM has convinced PH that she is Princess Diana and needs his devoted protection! At least this is my opinion.  Oh, gag! No, I won’t be watching.
  5. Lastly, this weekend is my grandson’s birthday! He will be 5 years old. I remember the day he was born so well.2692
    Savi, Quinn’s other Grandmother, and I all came to the hospital right after he was born. I always joke with Quinni that I changed his first day’s worth of poopy diapers! And you know, I loved every second of it! Now Quinn is a big boy and so very remarkable.128066858_1874663776014655_486284468040668816_n

    I adore my grandchildren and they are God’s greatest gift to me!

Well, that is this Week’s Friday Five. I hope you have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ March 5th”

  1. I’ll watch the vid later in private. The recent is a nice photo of Quinn. Oprah’s interview is being screened here on a tv station we rarely view, but I guess we will watch it in a horror fascination.

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