The Vaccine

On Friday night I did not sleep well. I was nervous and anxious and also a bit excited about going to get my Covid Vaccine.

I woke far earlier than I needed to, had some coffee and yogurt, and headed out the door, way before I really had to.

One of my greatest character flaws is that I am always early for everything! I mean not by a few minutes, but usually by more than half an hour.

I blame my father who was always early for everything and chastised us if we kept him waiting!

In any case. I arrived at the vaccination site 35 minutes early. I went to the initial screening area and apologized for being early. They were not overcome with clients and so they brought me right in, I did my paperwork, and the next thing I knew I was having the shot, and then waiting the requisite 15 minutes to make sure I did not have an allergic reaction. I felt fine. Really. And also happy to be done half an hour early.

I drove up to Market Basket and did my grocery shopping. About the time I got to the checkout, I felt this wave wash over me. It was like I’d just finished running a full marathon. I was exhausted.

I drove to get gas in the Highlander and then drove home. I started feeling aches in my body and my arm felt heavy. It was so strange to feel this. Jack helped me bring up the groceries and put them away, and I had a small lunch. I started having chills, aches, and a headache.

They’d told me that these side effects are perfectly normal. They say it will last 24-36 hours. Also, they gave me a form to fill out telling them what my side effects are.

Here I sit tonight after having a small dinner, and I just want to go to bed. However it is only 7:30 and I would feel silly, but I may go ahead and do just that.

It’s not how I would wish to spend a day, but if this keeps me from getting a full-blown case of Covid and dying then I am willing to take the chance. I have way too much to live for!

Maribeth Dackel

4 thoughts on “The Vaccine”

  1. I had my last flu vax about six years ago and had quite a reaction so I haven’t had one since. I expect I will have a reaction to the COVID vax, but as you say, it is worth it.
    Good that you got in early before your appointment time.

  2. I hope you feel better today!! Yup I feel the same way..better than getting it and dying. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I spent the day sleeping off my reaction to my second dose of Pfizer. The vaccine has filled me with hope that we can all get back to a semblance of normal soon.

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