The Friday Five ~ April 16th

Friday Five 1

It’s been a busy week for me. I found myself in bed early each night and actually sleeping in until 6:30 each morning. Here’s what’s happening in my world.

  1. The best piece of news is that my God-son is doing much better after getting Remdecivere. The hope is that he will be well enough to go home very soon!
  2. My new crown arrived and it’s a great match to the rest of my teeth. I have an incredible amount of dental work in my head. My goal is to keep my teeth until I die. After that? Well, I have no opinion!
  3. I did a big shopping after getting “Crowned”. We have a weird forecast for rain/ice/snow and I felt I needed to be prepared. So, we are all set.
  4. I go tomorrow to get my second Moderna Covid Vaccine. I still plan to wear masks when out, to practice proper handwashing, and basically not change too much of what I am doing.
  5. Lastly, I have no plans for the weekend. After Shot#1 I felt unwell for several days, SO I have actually planned to rest and take care of myself after this next shot. My hope is that the booster we all will have to take won’t cause the reactions I have had.

Have a great weekend!

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