The Weekend Wrap ~ May 3rd

The weekend wrap 2My weekend saw both very busy and then very quiet times. I spent time, just sitting watching the birds come to eat. I made meals, cleaned out the fridge, and took Arnie out for walks. We had rain, and wind, and then sunny skies! And the Forsythia bloomed.

April 24 10 044

Meanwhile, back to my cleaning, after really working hard and nonstop on the entire plugs issue, I found myself a wee bit sore and so took most of the day on Sunday off.

My plan for Monday is to change sheets and vacuum the bedroom. And should I be lucky enough to have a little ambition left, I will be washing bathmats, and mopping floors.

I sure wish that this shoulder thing would go away and I could do a full day’s work without feeling achy.

Today would have been my brother’s 70th Birthday. He passed away when he was just 26 years old from Cancer. We all still think of him often and miss him.

img374Dickie was a super talented musician, with a beautiful voice!

We love you and will always keep you close in our hearts.Maribeth Dackel

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  1. I’m sorry to read about your brother. He was so young and I’m sure you do think of him often. Your forsythia is beautiful xo

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