The Weekend Wrap ~ May 10th

The weekend wrap 2Despite the fact that it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, I decided that this weekend was not going to be wasted. I had far too much to do, so I got up on Saturday and started laundry. I’d gotten waylayed during the week and so I had an awful lot to do to catch up.

I ran up and downstairs, hung some clothes out, and folded and actually put the clean clothes away.


I cooked some nice meals, and I ate my share of melon and strawberries. Plain, but quite delicious!


Flowers and an assortment of teas from India arrived from my daughter. What a splendid surprise! While smelling the beautiful flowers I spent time tasting different teas. So far, they are all wonderful, but the Darjeeling is my favorite!

My Baltimore Orioles are back and so beautiful as they gather at the feeders.


My Brown Thrasher and my Norther Flicker made an appearance.

P5060016 copySo the weekend really was a nice one. Quiet but nice.

Maribeth Dackel

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