The Friday Five Plus 2 ~ July 2nd

The Friday FiveWell folks, here we are the first Friday in July! How did that happen? When older people tell you that time is racing by them, they are not joking! This year especially is flying by me. So, without further adieu, here is what is happening in my Friday Five Plus 2!

  1. The first part of the week Jack returned to the Orthopedic doctor for evaluation of his Dupuytren’s Contracture. He had injections of  XIAFLEX a few weeks back. I’m not thrilled with the results, but Jack said he thinks it is a little better. Still, with a price tag of $7000.00, the darn finger should be straight, able to play the piano again, and also dance a jig! Maybe I expect too much.
  2. The heat has just about killed us. Well, not killed exactly, but it sure has wiped us out. We have air conditioning and we are doing what we did when we lived in Florida. We are staying where it is cool.
  3. On Wednesday, my dryer died. I mean, the drum was still moving, but there was no heat. It’s a gas dryer, and as I listened I could not hear the igniter start. So we talked it over and decided to call our appliance repairman, Barry. If he deemed we needed a new dryer, we could book him in advance to do the propane fix and set it up. But we asked him to stop by and check it out.
  4. I actually woke up sick on Wednesday and felt, I could do a little laundry, and well, this was when I found the trouble with the dryer. My throat is sore, I’m slightly feverish and I feel blah. However, when the dryer quit, I was hanging up two loads of laundry, no rest for the sick!
  5. Thursday was slightly better. Barry called me and said he could come by after lunch to diagnose the dryer and evaluate whether or not we should repair or have a funeral for this machine. Before he arrived, I masked up (So as not to share my sore throat with anyone) and went to get the mail and a burger and fries for Jack from McDonald’s. Let me just say that our town is chock a block full of Tourists. I would still be out fighting traffic if two nice individuals hadn’t stopped and allowed me to pull into the traffic.

Now here are my Plus-Two!

+1. So after getting the mail, I went to McDonald’s and ordered Jack’s meal and a chicken sandwich for myself. I had to wait. They felt bad and asked if there was anything they could get me? Yes, a Strawberry Shake. When they finally brought everything out, I asked how much for the shake and they said it was on the house! I went home and we sat down to watch Roger Federer play tennis at Wimbledon and what happened next was shocking! Arnie grabbed the top roll of the chicken sandwich and started to run off. I stopped him, grabbed the bun, and scolded him. He has never done this before. His mother the great and wonderful Greta, was always trying to steal food! Oh yes, and the Strawberry Shake felt good on my throat.

+2. Barry arrived and after replacing the ignitor, and cleaning the inside of the dryer (the place you never see because it is behind the dryer drum) he fit a new belt and got it all back together and the dryer works like a new machine. And it saved us a ton of money. I’d looked into another dryer last night and for what we have it would have been at least $1000.00 to get a new one, plus installation fees. This machine is all fixed, working perfectly and I sure hope I will get another twenty years with it? That would be nice!

So there you are. The week that was. Some good moments and some not so good, but in the end, it all worked out!

 Have a great weekend everyone!

Maribeth Dackel

2 thoughts on “The Friday Five Plus 2 ~ July 2nd”

  1. Very good news on the clothes dryer front.
    I bet the free shake tasted better than if you had paid for it.
    Don’t be too harsh on Arnie. It sounds like some latent instinct has awakened.

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