The Friday Five ~ July 9th

The Friday FiveAnother week has flown by. Several things kept me busy, so I will simply just get to this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I simply cannot believe how much having Strep Throat has kicked my butt. I’m now several days into my antibiotics, but I remain tired and my throat is still somewhat sore. I cannot recall having ever had strep throat, so this is somewhat new to me.
  2. Jack’s ulcerated toe is doing much better. His podiatrist also ordered him new shoes, as he has special shoes due to his amputated toe. Because of the Pandemic, it has been a long time since he had a new pair. This was probably a contributing factor in the formation of the ulcer on his toe.
  3. I have finally stopped the wretched Crows and Ravens from pilfering my suet feeders. I have feeders with V-shaped roofs on them, but that did not stop the larger birds. They would fly in, hang upside down and chow down! They would clean out the suet block in under two hours! Then, I had an idea. First I placed a frisbee over the top of the feeder and then I moved my feeder poles into the trees. I simply hang them carefully in there and the only birds that can get to the suet are the much smaller birds. Now I am feeding the little songbirds that I want to. Also, I must note, the feeders go out after breakfast and stay out until after dinner. So far this has worked and we have not had a bear problem.
  4. After last weekend’s fireworks problem with our neighbors, sweet Lili has remained a little bit of a psychological mess.  She scares easily and is having a fair bit of separation anxiety. This particular neighbor never liked Lili, so I’m pretty sure he could care less, but it does make us pretty upset about the entire fiasco. Especially after reviewing our town’s Firework Ordinance. He was far from legal shooting off fireworks in his yard that fell into our yard. He also did not have a permit or authorization from our Fire or Police Cheif!
  5. Not too much else for now. Once the rain stops I hope to have nice enough weather to hang out some laundry. It won’t be today, but hopefully over the weekend.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ July 9th”

  1. I am not a fan of fireworks except by professionals. A 14 year old boy in my community is in ICU after taking a firwork to the face. He’s going to need several surgeries. His parents’ friends started a GoFundMe. Those things are scary.

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