The Weekend Wrap September 13th

The weekend wrap 2Oh, what a great weekend I had. It started on Friday when I was able to get through to my credit card company and cancel an order that FedEx was supposed to deliver on Wednesday, but after a lot of detective work, I learned that it had been misdelivered! I tried to contact the Seller (Amazon) but wasn’t having much luck. Well, at least I had stopped payment.

On Saturday I was awake at 5 AM to get ready and then drive to Mandy’s house for a visit. There wasn’t too much traffic that early in the day, so I zipped right along.

I was able to go to Savannah’s Orange Belt Ceremony at the Karate Studio.


She loves Karate and quite honestly, I love the Instructor and the principals being taught.  I am so proud of Savi!

After that, we rushed her to her musical play review rehearsal. We dropped her off and then did a few errands before going back to the house. Mandy and I sat on her balcony patio and talked for over an hour. You know, I really admire my girl and I feel very lucky to be her Mom. I don’t just love her, I like her!

20210911_100117Me with my grand-puppy, Winter. (AKA Winty)

Mandy and I took the kids to one of our favorite restaurants, “Reds” and we all had exactly what we wanted, even though it wasn’t exactly on the menu. It’s a great place. And we had the nicest and best server.

After lunch, we hung out at Mandy’s until I needed to get on the road. You know, I think God was my co-pilot that day. Saturday was a bad day in New Hampshire with many automobile accidents and residential fires. just not a good day at all. But God kept me safe in my little bubble called a Toyota Highlander, and I made it home with no problem.

Both Saturday and Sunday I watched the Championships at the US Open Tennis. I simply adore the young British player, Emma Raducanu.


She is 18 and after playing qualifying matches she went all the way and won!

Sadly Novak Djokovic did not win his match in the end, losing to Danil Medvedev, and with it, his hopes of winning all the Grand Slams in a calendar year vanished. I do like Medvedev so I was very happy for him.


The thing that made me pleased is that we have a lot of young tennis talent.

Finally, Arnie seemed to have a better weekend. But each time he cries my heart sinks. I simply cannot imagine my life without him.

So that kind of wraps it all up. It was a good weekend. A happy weekend. A weekend filled with hugs from my grandchildren and cuddles with my doggies.


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  1. I used to be ambivalent aboutt Djokovic but after some rather poor behaviour and the ridiculous Covid super spreading party he held, I don’t like him.

    I’m pleased you had a nice family time.

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