The Friday Five ~ Dec. 3rd


Wow, this sure was a wild week and when I woke up this morning I thought, this is Friday! How can this be? So here is whats kept me so busy.

  1. Life has a way of laughing at me when it comes to computers. My fairly new computer has been acting sloggy, and after a recent Windows Update, I was suddenly unable to reach my network printer. I tried everything. I even had a remote visit with my Computer Guru and he couldn’t figure it out either. This was wild and new and aside from tossing the machine against the wall, further exploration needed to be done.
  2. So, Brad came and picked up my machine to see what he could do. I’d decided to upgrade to Windows 11 and so Brad wiped the hard drive completely clean and did a fresh download with the Windows Eleven for my machine.
  3. After getting the machine loaded and talking to his Network and Network Printer. He brought her home. We opened it up, got it onto the Network and…..the Master Computer wouldn’t talk to my laptop enough to allow it to print! Ugh!
  4. We worked all afternoon, tinkering, and trying everything we could think before Brad figured a way around this glitch! So now, my computer is clean and running better than it ever has, and I can print! I can never that Brad enough for all his hard work!
  5. Lastly, I received a phone call from a dear woman who was the Owner of Angelika, from Greta’s first litter.

    Dec. 26 042
    Angelika at 3 weeks!

    She was a full sibling to both Anneliese and Arnie. She was greatly loved in her forever home, and just two weeks before what would have been their 15th Birthday, Angel went to Rainbow Bridge. When I think about how wonderful that very first litter was, and how long most of them lived, and how happy they made their families, I am so proud of my Greta and her “husband” Bernie. Now all those wonderful pups are gone. The tears flowed and then I remembered that one day, we will be reunited with our beloved fur-babies.

So this is the week that was. Last night my brain just hurt from all the computer thinking, and my heart hurts from the last goodbyes.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!


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  1. I am thankful that I haven’t had tech issues for a while. The ageing desktop, our tablets and phones just keep on working as we want them to.

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