The Friday Five ~ December 17th

Friday Five 1Another week has come and gone. I’ve been busy driving to and fro and thankfully, our weather has been good. Here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I had planned this for a while. I went and had my hair done, colored and shaped, and I had my fingers done with pretty sparkling pink polish.  Everything came out and in two weeks I leave to go and get my Heidi.
  2. After seeing the devastation in Kentucky, I started to evaluate my whirl-wind trip to get my wee friend. Doing it all in two days was not something I felt good about, so today I called my hotel in Nashville, and Delta and changed my plans. I will leave a day early and instead of doing it all in two short days I am taking my time and doing it in three. I feel so much better about that.
  3. All my Christmas plans are done. The one thing I have left to do is find a marvelous gift for Mandy’s birthday. I have a few ideas, but I will leave it up to her which thing she would like.
  4. A good friend of mine lost her 14-year-old dackel today. I’d known Veela since she arrived as a puppy from Germany. She also sired a litter of puppies with Greta’s mate, Bernie. Veela was a good girl and I will miss her as will her owners.
  5. Jack had all his blood work today and goes for his physical next week. I took the hour he was inside the VA to begin making my travel plan changes. Very wise on my part!

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe and stay healthy!


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