Settling In

I think that Heidi is starting to settle in. She seems more relaxed and enjoys her days, eating, sleeping, and playing! Heck, I think perhaps I would like that schedule!


Everything was icy on Sunday and I nearly fell on our patio. Luckily, I did not fall, and during my 100+ times (an exaggeration I am sure!) I took walks with Heidi, I managed to stay on my feet!

There was a funny incident with Heidi on Sunday. She was climbing the doggy steps and Lili was sitting on the sofa, and Heidi raced over and jumped full force onto Lili!

Lili was so surprised, but she never growled or snapped. She just stared at the young whipper-snapper and then got down!

Yes, life is good and the pups are doing okay with their relationship.


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