The Weekend Wrap ~ January 17th

P1160020 (3)The weekend proved to be a fairly quiet one for me. Aside from taking Heidi out to potty every hour or two, I was able to get some much-needed rest.

Do any of you recall the blanket I crocheted that was so bad, and pilled? I had to get a fabric shaver to make it look presentable?


Well, I pulled it off the back of the sofa, and since it is so heavy and warm, it has become my sick blanket. Oh, it is still pilling, and when I am well I will need to de-fuzz and de-pill it once again.

As I sat watching movies and contemplating life, I was reminded about the values instilled in me by my parents and grandparents. Doing what is the right thing to do in a calm and respectable way. (Not that I have always achieved this, but in later years, I certainly have tried.)

Then I  watched the movie “Some Kind of Wonderful“, which is probably my favorite of the John Hughes films about growing up. There is so much in it about the right and wrong choices in life, and I wish people could watch and learn from it. If you have never seen it,  find it on a streaming service and watch it.

Heidi is doing very well. She and Lili are becoming friends and she is also taking over the house.


Gone is that little bit of puppy fear of new places, without her Mom and Dad and littermates, and now she has accepted Jack, Lili, and me, as her family.

I’m not really using the crate. I mean it is in the room, with no door on it, and she actually uses it as a child would use a blanket fort. She races inside carrying a toy, rolls around, and then races out. It’s fun to watch.


So really, that was pretty much my weekend. Quiet, resting, and being a doggy Mama when needed. I hope your weekend was a good one!

2 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ January 17th”

  1. Heidi is adorable!! We have raised 14 dogs in the last 20 years. I have 5 now and we never used crates either except for one and she only went in there when she wanted to feel safe. She is a rescue and when we found her she had been badly neglected and was very very sick. So if she wasn’t holding onto me for dear life she would go inside her crate and snuggle down into her blanket. They say dogs love crates because it’s a small area where they feel secure and it seems to be true so maybe thats why Heidi runs in and out of hers.. She is so cute..

    As for doing the right thing, I agree.. I wish people would just get back to that.. I think society is becoming tired (thank God) of all the strife, division etc.. I know I am.. For me, the right thing is keeping my mouth shut and just loving everyone whether we agree or not because in the end all the petty garbage everyone is at each others throats for means nothing….

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