Shubi Worries *** Updated

I just brought Shubi home after her ultra sound and test. Seems she has a bit of Pancreatitis, as well as the infection. She is now on antibiotics again, and a drug that is a pancreatic enzyme. Was she happy to see me when I arrived! But I don’t think she was half as happy as I was to see her!!!
I’m hoping this will do the trick, but I worry so much because it seems all of these problems are a side effect of the chemo and it seems she has to deal with one thing after another.


I cannot seem to keep this little doggie on her feet. One day I think her tummy is doing better, the next she is right back to square one.
Shubi woke me up again in the night with her tummy problems. And again this morning, she was still sick. So, I brought some “samples” to the Vet and sure enough, she still has an infection. But more problematic, is that she is not digesting her food. In just over three weeks this little dog has lost just over a pound. That’s a lot when you only weigh like 21 pounds anyway, (she is now down to 20 pounds).
They’re ultra sounding her pancreas and stomach. She could be having an acute case of pancreatitis, or have a blockage of some sort, but whatever, her body is not digesting the food and we need to find out why not.
So I am waiting for the phone to ring. That’s the hardest time, isn’t it? The not knowing and the waiting for news time.

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  1. I know what you mean. BOTH my puppies are going to the vet in a few days. Sadly, I’m thinking only one will be returning with me.

  2. Oh I’m so sorry, I know what your going through…Hang in There! And I’ll send prayers out for her to get better soon 🙂

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