Seventeen Weeks!

I’m not sure if I have shared with you this story. But when Heidi was born, the small “Red Collar” puppy, I just knew she was mine.

Babies Oct 23Red Collar Puppy!

Now the breeder prepared me that she was not sure which pups were going where, but she noted my desire.

Each day that pictures were shown, I grew more and more certain that Miss Red was mine. It was cosmic. I just knew.

Oct 27 Miss RedMiss Red

Soon the Breeder confirmed that Heidi was mine, and they began using her name with her.

Now at 17 weeks, and after being with us since January 1st, Heidi fits right in, as though she has always been here.

20220213_110313My girl.

I joke that she is “Velcro Puppy” as she follows me everywhere and when I am seated, she is always either next to me or on top of me.

She is simply the sweetest of puppies. So loving, and gentle with me. I swear this was meant to be.


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