The Friday Five ~ April 8th

Friday FiveWell, there goes the first full week of April. I can’t believe how life is flying by. Here are this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Our little Lake Waukewan is now ice-free. It is so wonderful to see the open water again! Soon we will see rowboats and small boats used for fishing on the Lake. Our Lake has life during all four seasons.
  2. Lili’s ankle is better. She is not happy that we have restricted her movements. The girl really is a running, jumping, leaper!
  3. I have had a slight cold this week, and I have tried to drink a lot of fluids and get my rest. Although truth be told, Heidi keeps me on my toes. Walks, walks and more walks.
  4. Our fox was back this morning. Here is a picture I took last summer.
    P9170006 (2)
    Dear Lili told me with her barking and fussing. This isn’t the best picture, but as you can see we are still in very early spring. All brown and not too much green. I think she looks like she is expecting.
  5. Tomorrow, April 9th is our Anniversary. We used to go out for a fine meal each year, but I’m thinking that won’t happen. I am not sure exactly what we will do to celebrate. Maybe just pop a cork and have some champagne.


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