The Friday Five ~ May 20th

The Friday FiveAnother week has gone by and here we are halfway through 2022. The best part of 2022 so far is that Heidi has taken up residence in our home. So let’s go with this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Most of this week was very quiet. On Tuesday I started to feel very stuffy and I was having trouble breathing. Since my yard is filled with blooming fruit trees I guessed that it was allergies.
  2. The Internet Guy came to see what our problem was. The symptoms were strange, The connection would go in and out, and it was getting progressively worse. It was terrible when I was trying to stream a program, as I kept getting kicked off the Internet.
  3. A very nice young man arrived from our Internet Provider. His name was Serge and he was from Ukraine. He came here several years ago and loves this country!  After troubleshooting the problem, he knew exactly how to troubleshoot to determine our problem. In short order, he found three things that were wrong, installed new cables, and was here about 40 minutes before all was ship shape and running smoothly.
  4. On Wednesday morning I went to attend my ladies’ meeting and as I sat there I began to feel worse and worse. I became totally congested, and all I wanted was to get into my pajamas and sleep.
  5. Since then I’ve been running a small fever, coughing like crazy and I am very congested both in my sinuses, and my chest. I took a home Covid test, that said I was negative. I will retest tomorrow to be certain. Apparently, there are many cases of the Flu around the Lake’s Region where I live, so I am betting that is what it is.

That’s it for this week. My plan for the next few days is to lay low and sleep as much as I can. Meanwhile, Miss Heidi is a really great Nurse.


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