Costa Rica

I will keep this entry a little short today. It was a long day (a nine hour side trip), that saw us going into the Costa Rican Rain Forest and after a wonderful lunch going into the canals on a tour boat to see the Crocodiles, macaws, Egrets and just about every sort of tropical bird you can imagine. It was awesome and incredible and I promise to post pictures later of this day, but tonight I need to get to bed early because we have to be up and ready for our next shore trip by 5:30 AM!

Here are a few pictures to tide you over.

The Rain Forest.

Nov 20 040

A crocodile in the canal.

Nov 20 052

The macaws.

Nov 20 097

7 thoughts on “Costa Rica”

  1. OMG did you do the bus tour? I did a bus tour trip off of a cruise once and it was a FOREVER LONG trip through the rain forests. Hope you are back on the ship lapping up luxury!

  2. My friend just got back from Costa Rica but I haven’t seen her pictures yet. Yours are great!! although I hope the crocodile was well fed and far away from you 🙂

  3. Thank you for the pics – they are beautiful I so look forward everyday to your trip details. So glad you are enjoying it – and sharing . Carol

  4. I love a “feel good” kind of tired; the kind you really enjoyed getting. I’ve ridden a bike on a bike trail for 6 hours before and I sleep really good. Thanks for the photographs.

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