The Friday Five ~ May 19th

The Friday FiveIt was a pretty crazy week for me. So much going on and I felt like I just couldn’t complete things in a timely manner. Somehow I did, so here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Last weekend I thought I had “fixed” my electric recliner. After cleaning the connections it worked right up until Tuesday night at about 10 o’clock.

    20190222_145642The loveseat when I first bought it.

    It was then I went to put my feet down and nothing happened! I checked what I could, but decided on two coarse of action. 1. See if the furniture store I bought it at could recommend a repair man,  or 2. worst case scenario, buy another recliner.

  2. On Wednesday I stopped at the Furniture store and they were amazingly helpful. They had all the records from the transaction and assured me that the repairman could get to me this week.
  3. Thursday morning at 8:30 Tim the repairman called, and fifteen minutes later he was here. Half an hour later my reclining loveseat was fixed! Call me one happy lady!
  4. It’s funny, Heidi loves the recliner.20200221_181423

    We have a special blanket I put over my knees and Heidi is always asleep between my knees. This is a blanket I had crocheted and never cared for. But Heidi loves this afghan.

  5. We had an honest-to-goodness frost last night. When I took the pooches out at 5 AM the grass was crunchie! And the thermometer read 28 degrees!

I am nearly caught up with a million little things around the house and since we are due for rain this weekend, I am hopeful that I can actually check things off my list.

2022-06-09_02-26-22Have a great weekend!

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