Thanksgiving, Guatemala and Huatulco

On Thanksgiving we docked in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala. Although our dock area is used primarily for cargo ships, our arrival was handled well by both a local Pilot who guided us through the narrow harbor entrance, and the dock crew who handled the many passengers who left the ship to tour this part of Guatemala.

Nov 22 006

We met our guide, Diego, a 23 year old college student, and his driver and driver’s helper (I will explain this later), and once our bus was full, we departed the pier.

I have not been back to Guatemala in nearly 19 years, but I was so happy to see how far the country has progressed. The streets are well paved, the yards of the local people were clean, and most of all, the children looked clean and healthy.

We started our tour by driving towards Colonial Antigua on a four lane divided highway. On the way we could see four very large volcanoes, one of which is still active, and an enormous rock formation, that resembles the face of a Mayan looking to the heavens. U.S. Geologists have determined that this is, in fact, pieces of an asteroid.

Nov 22 023

We saw several of the more important crops grown there, like sugar cane and coffee, before arriving at the Jade Factory and Museum in Colonial Antigua.

Nov 22 038

At the factory we were given a short talk on Jade and then wandered through the museum, which led us directly to their gift shop (of course). I learned that I have good taste in Jade, as everything I liked was very expensive! LOL

After that we drove to La Merced Church and Convent (completed in 1767), where we toured the grounds before headed to Casa Santa Domingo, which was formerly a convent (built in 1642, destroyed by an earthquake in 1776). The ruins have been partially restored, the grounds carefully maintained, a museum created, and it is now a luxury hotel.

In this convent/hotel we were served a delicious lunch consisting of chicken, beef, tortilla’s, guacamole, and yes, black beans and rice! For dessert we had flan.

After lunch everyone was allowed to roam around and explore the ruins, but I found myself in a lovely garden with the Macaws. I became totally captivated by this one pair. They were mates, and their love for each other was so sweet that I could not leave the spot.

Nov 22 066

Nov 22 068

Nov 22 091

Macaws mate for life. If one of them dies or if one of them is taken (poached) then they will remain alone for the rest of their lives. There were several Macaw couples in the garden, but also several single Macaws, whose mates were gone from them. Poaching (stealing) of Macaws and other exotic birds is a real problem here in Central America. Now that I have seen these beautiful birds in the wild, I will remember that this is where they should be.

We went to the market place where we went through a maze of shops until I found some gifts for my family and friends. Then it was back to the bus for our trip home.

Now I will explain why it is so important for the drivers to have helpers. In Colonial Antigua the streets are all old cobblestone and very narrow. The “helper” would jump out of the bus and clear the bus around corners or past cars or, if necessary, go knocking on doors to locate the owners of cars which were double parked. The man was invaluable!

Our trip back to the ship was pleasant and once we had arrived, and changed our clothes, we all met in the dining room for dinner. It was Thanksgiving. Turkey was served with sweet potatoes, and stuffing and we had pumpkin pie for desert, but it was still an odd dinner. The International chef just couldn’t quite capture the Yankee Thanksgiving that we have always had. The food was delicious, but just not what I expected.

Nov 22 001


Huatulco, Mexico

Nov 23 010

We arrived in Hualtulco at noon. It has a beautiful inner harbor and our first impression was that this would be a fun place to come and spend a few days. Once the ship was secure, we had a quick lunch and then headed out with Carole and George to explore the dock area.

Nov 23 023

Nov 23 021

Nov 23 028

Nov 23 024

We found a market area full of souvenirs and a small grocery where I bought some diet coke. Since there wasn’t a lot to do and it was so hot, we all headed back to the ship where we sat on the balcony and enjoyed cold drinks. By 5:30 we were under way again, headed for Acapulco.

Tomorrow, November 24th we will fly to Boston stay overnight and then drive the rest of the way to our home.

Our trip has come to an end.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Guatemala and Huatulco”

  1. What a cruise, what a cruise. So many exciting and exotic places! I’d have loved to see the volcanoes, imagine the power! And the Macaws, how sweat they are. Simply adorable. I’d have got stuck there too 🙂

    …and this gorgeous warm weather!!! We’re having an awful damp and chilly weather here, so we’re freezing our butts off. I really could have needed that cruise!

  2. What an enormous ship! It seems to dwarf everything else!

    We never made it to Huatulco, though our Mexican friend was very keen that we should. Your beautiful pictures make me think we should!

  3. Fascinating and the Macaws is the winners. Beautiful birds.

    We have been to Huatulco – on the Airport – heading for a small village called Puerto Angel. From there is a short ride up to Poshutla, were there are ATM’s, lots of local markeds etc.

    Wonderful reportage

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