The Friday Five ~ July 14th

The Friday FiveThe week has ended. One part of my life has ended, and now I must turn and place my foot forward and begin again. So, my Gentle Readers here is this week’s Friday Five.

    1. Yesterday, I was taking care of the kitchen and family room, and then today was a run to the Vet to see about Heidi’s eyes. She is fine and just needs a little ointment for a few days.
    2. I stopped to get the mail, and then we came home. I thought we might go out for dinner, but a very kind friend brought me Chinese Food!
    3. Everything came to a head today. I need to start signing up for Social Security and Medicare A & B and find out how to retain my Delta Eyecare and Dental. I felt myself calling out to Jack. You rat, you left me to deal with all of this!
    4. Beautiful flowers arrived while I was napping.356976265_5894300810671260_1641660618651355372_nCream and Yellow Roses. My favorite! I felt so loved.
    5. Finally, this weekend brings me peace and quiet.  I plan several days of light music, lots of naps, and a lot of solitude!


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3 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ July 14th”

  1. Your weekend plan is good. There is no rush for anything. It is sad to say but here now our social security system is so difficult to navigate, there are agents who can do it for you, for a fee of course and worth every dollar.

  2. i did medicare this year and early social security last. Took time but was pretty easy. and then I got in trouble for making too much money this year and they took some of it back… That was easy too just annoying. I will just make sure to take more time off this summer, so it doesn’t happen again! Good for you stepping in 1 foot in front of the other, and enjoying some moments of solitude in peace.

  3. Uff. It must be so hard to move forward with your life when everything seemed to have stopped with Jack’s death. I wish you courage and strength moving forward.<3

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