Friday Five July 21st

The Friday FiveAfter my first good night’s sleep in a very long time, I sat down this morning and said, “Oh my, it’s Friday!” Time for the Friday Five.

  1. Often I have heard of paper reduction acts. I am all for them, especially when I got my Widows Pension Pack from the Government. This pack is forty pages long, and nearly every page contains information that they already have due to Jack’s status in the military. I have called for help every day and no one answers. Today I will call again. However, I will call a different department and beg!
  2. I stopped in to check with someone who knows my cars and got an idea of what I can get for the Cadillac. He’s been a friend for over twenty years, so we talked a lot about Jack and things.
  3. Actually, yesterday I also had my hair done. I do not want a fussy hairdo. I want to shower and scrunch and go. These are natural curls.july 23

    Why not use them? I am so lucky to have Becca. She is a young friend and stylist. Didn’t she do a great job?

  4. Today I’d like to sit and actually do some paperwork. Pay bills, write a few notes, and organize my certificates folder. Jack’s original social security card and birth certificate are in this folder. They are very old and are in tatters.
  5. Since Jack’s passing, I have not watched any TV. I put on music in the morning and let that calm my soul. Life has changed. This is new territory for me.  My world is different, but life is going on.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five July 21st”

  1. God Bless you my friend. This is new territory and you will learn the ups and downs and be amazingly surprised at how things feel and the with time how normal you will feel. I can not even remember how the very beginning was when my husband passed. I did get rid of some things to fast and feel that pain still today. Life goes on and I had to continue with him gone. Prayers and love my friend. I am coming east in August text me your number would love to see you if I get up that way.. I want to visit my Mom who is buried in the same cemetary as Jack. Love you

  2. Oh lordie. I hate filling out forms when I know the information is already in the company’s files~~such rudeness & waste of time.

  3. Your hair is looking very nice.
    I don’t envy you the paperwork. The English system has recently changed where you inform one government department with the detail of a partner’s death and that is all your contact with the government. We certainly don’t have that system here.

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