5 Wishes

I’ve been tagged by Becci . Every one else has 5 very nice wishes, world peace, world love, etc….but I think I’m going the other way…5 things I really REALLY would like for Christmas!

1. Health for my family and friends.
2. The ability to learn and create new things on the computer.
3. Another healthy litter of pups.
4. A laptop that works flawlessly.
5. People to leave me MORE COMMENTS!! LOL

I tag whomever would like to be tagged

4 thoughts on “5 Wishes”

  1. Oh I am all about your #4!!! A computer that works flawlessly??? I would love one of those…my hubby is having a fit because I just told him this P.O.S. is going out the window, the minute I can release the ice off the storm window and open it! lol..Thanks for playing sweetie, I promise not to make that a habit! lol…(we have 11 inches now, and its still snowing off and on…the front door is drifted so high we cant get out of it, have to leave via the garage!) I am so with you about global warming and the flooding

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