5.2 Pounds Down

Today I went to the doctor about my foot. I’ve been hobbling around quite painfully for several weeks and finally got myself in to the Podiatrist today. The verdict: Plantar Fasciitis. So I am currently in a boot/cast for the next few weeks. After that I will be getting an orthotic insert for my shoe. Meanwhile I look like this:

Jan 17 027


Then tonight I went to Weight Watchers. I was determined that no matter what, I was going to make the weigh in. The boot is on my left foot so I can drive easily. I got there and weighed in and was shocked pleased to find that I had lost 5.2 pounds.

Now I know that being sick probably helped the weight loss, but I also know that during that time I could have turned to all my high sugar, fattening, comfort foods to “feel” better and I didn’t. So I am pleased about that.

So I have lost 11.4 pounds total now and I’m on my way.

6 thoughts on “5.2 Pounds Down”

  1. Congrats on the weight loss!

    If you make a fist and rub your knuckles on the back of your foot that might help. At least, that’s what we learn for it 🙂

  2. I didn’t know what Plantar thing meant and looked up in Wikipedia to find out that it is also called “policeman’s heel”, lol ! I only hope it is not too painful, but now that you are wearing this dancing shoe it must be better.
    Congratulations to your weight loss, don’t loose to much otherwise you have to buy all new clothes ! I am 5.5 and my weight is 141 lbs that’s OK for me from a “certain” age on, too skinny isn’t nice either.

  3. Ouch…that boot is awesome. I guess your activity level will be restricted for a while. I can’t imagine moving around very easily in that contraption!!

    ~but if it stops your pain, that’s great.


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