What A Long Day

Yesterday the day actually started fairly joyously!  I started the day with a phone call from Mandy, and the return of my summer kids to their grandmother’s house next door. We shared tea and hugs and doggy kisses! Matina, James and Kamari are back for their yearly visit. I look forward to this all year long!

I managed to get lunch done and then raced out to the Post Office and down to my surgeon’s office to get the stitches out. I suspected an infection and I was right. Although they did take the stitches out, I am now on antibiotics for the next week.

I went to our local Pharmacy and when I dropped the prescription off I asked how long it would be. They told me 15 minutes. I walked up and down the store isles. I shopped for cards and sunscreen (my new best friend). I found some cute water shoes (as I like to wear them when I swim in the lake as the pebbles hurt my feet. I know, I am a wuss!). Then I sat down and waited….and waited….and waited. One hour later I walked out of the Pharmacy with prescription in hand! Can you believe how long that took?

I came home and was here long enough to see Hubby and wave to him as he drove off to a meeting. Bye! He told me to have dinner ready when he got back, but about a half an hour later I noticed that he’d forgotten his cell phone! There was no way for him to call and let me know when he would be done.

Ah well, it all turned out okay, as I waited until he came back and then made his chili and my salad. After dinner, I sat with a hot cup of tea and the desire to not do another thing the rest of the day.

And that is exactly what I have done!

7 thoughts on “What A Long Day”

  1. That was a good bit of doing for a day. Did they have to send out to another store for your rx or something. You are an angel of patience. When I went to pick up two rxs I’d left the night before they weren’t ready, because my doc had written the scrip for more than my insurance would pay…like the 90 day amount. It took a few minutes, but I was out of there pretty quick.

    Hope your nose isn’t too sore and that was the perfect end to that day.

  2. That’s my favorite part of the day! The “not another bloomin’ thing” part! But usually, by the time it comes, I’m ready for bed… Your nose did look a little red, but I was hoping that was just the camera. Good thing for antibiotics, huh?

  3. Glad you got through it all had a nice dinner and the evening free. Sorry to hear about your infection but at least they got it early so it will clear up fast. I use water shoes as well because the beaches here are pretty rocky! Enjoy your summer and remember the sunblock!

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