Big Day

It was a big day all around today. It started early because we all know that my little darlings get me up at 5 AM, and after my second cup of coffee, I was awake and watching the TV. I checked my email, but no one is writing me anymore because since my laptop died, I have been a terrible correspondent. I appologize to you all, especially my cousin, Janet!

After I had breakfast with Hubby and fed the pups and walked them, off I went to the fountain of youth for my monthly visit. I came back feeling like a new woman!

As Hubby and I sat having our lunch, Mr. UPS Man arrived with my NEW LAPTOP COMPUTER!!! I forced myself to finish my salad, do the dishes and then walk the puppies again before I even opened the box. Slowly I unsealed the packing tape and slid the inner box out. Then I opened that box, and with trembling fingers pulled the laptop from it’s sleeve! Yes, I am in total heaven!

After I’d been loading things on to it for a while, the puppies woke and we took them outside. One by one we introduced them to Deer Hyde.

Jone 11 09 023

The dog who tracked it the fastest was Belle, she just knew right where it was. The others found it too, and enjoyed the game. Here is a video of the event.

You all know that I breed with the hopes that my pups will not only find loving homes, but can be used by hunters to help locate wounded game. All four of these dogs have shown me a good nose. I hope that they will continue to progress in their new homes.

After dinner and another outing with the pups,

Jone 11 09 016

I settled in to download programs onto the laptop. Slowly but surely the machine will get set up and I will be back in business!

Now as the day is closing I need to do a little scanning for Hubby before I call it a night, but I am so happy and so excited to have my new machine! (And 4 little deer loving puppies!)

8 thoughts on “Big Day”

  1. Congrats on getting your new computer. What model did you get? I’m so happy today is Friday! Though my days go by so quickly here, it feels like it has been a long week!

    Love you lots,


  2. I had totally forgotten that you had to buy a new laptop ! You must be very happy now with the new one, I think if it would happen to me I would storm in the next shop and buy a new one, although I still have my little travel baby computer with the same stuff in it.
    You took me years back with your voice ! you sound exactly like my aunt when she talked to her dog ! she was a dog woman and always had dogs. Really when I hear you talking I think it is her ! It’s so nice follow the growing up (so fast) of the puppies !

  3. Oh YAY! It arrived! I hope you have ONLY good luck with this one and never a problem EVER!!!

    LOOK at those puppies tug! That is sooooooooo cute!!! They really are just the cutest things! I’m sure their new people are all going to love them to pieces!

  4. I’m sure you are in 7th heaven with the new laptop! Also, the puppies were very good little trackers and they didn’t want to let go of the deer hide. They are going to be great little hunters šŸ˜‰

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