My Big Fat Mama!

Poor Greta. It’s official now. Her belly is dragging on the ground. I took her outside this morning to go and visit our neighbor, and Greta was so happy, but as she waddled trotted through the grass up the hill to our friends house, I could see her belly hitting the ground!

Poor Greta. After our visit we waddled trotted back down the hill and she came inside and lay down next to the water bowl and drank and panted until she recovered.

Fortunately, the heat broke in the late afternoon when a cool front passed over us, and after that Greta was able to waddle trot around the back yard comfortably.

But look at this poor baby girl.

Aug 25 003

Can you believe how tremendously large she has gotten?

Aug 25 001

She has been resting a lot today. Her appetite is still good, but she just doesn’t have much room in her stomach anymore. Those puppies are taking up a lot of space! So she eats a little, rests, does her business outside and starts the whole thing over again.

Oh the days are winding down and I can hardly wait to see these little ones. They kick so hard that I can feel them as she lies next to me and this makes me laugh and smile. I almost feel like I know them already.


9 thoughts on “My Big Fat Mama!”

  1. Aw she looks like she’s the size of a mack truck! sorry i haven’t been sending pictures that much lately. i’m all moved into my dorm room, so once i get my router hooked up ill send some your way!

  2. Have to work this weekend so I hope she does her thing Fri or Monday-don’t want to miss the big (no pun intended) event! Yes, I am being selfish, wanting to see first pictures. Looks as if Danny might possibly scrape you-sure hope not.

  3. she is a biggun! OMG were you psyched at how chilly it was this morning? Wolf had a tummy ache this morning at 430 so we went for a walk…brrr!!!

  4. Love the BIG old Belly! Maybe there’s 6 or 7 in there! Or maybe they are little St. Bernards! Ha, Ha! Love YOU, Mel

  5. You might be in for a surprise…might be one tucked where the x-rays couldn’t show.Wouldn’t that just be great!

  6. Looking at Greta, I think you should buy 4 bras ! She has quite some bossoms now ! It would probably suit her very well with a little assorted bikini ! Lol !

  7. Love Gattina’s idea! lol.

    She does look absolutely huge. Good thing her pregnancy is almost done!

    Have a great day!



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