Puppies Are Growing

Due to time constraints this will be short and sweet.  I will tell you that the pups are doing famously, growing and changing every day, and eating more and more independently of Greta.

Oct 7 004

Aren’t they just beautiful?

Oct 7 009

These are all the boys. Light Blue is Calvin, then the next level is Wally and Fenway and on the bed is Curt.

Oct 7 010

Here is our little sweetheart, Schnitzel.

Oct 7 011

And this has to be one of the cutest pictures of Wally.


Sorry this is so short, but I am so busy visiting with our friends, feeding babies and taking care of Anneliese and her heat. It rained very hard today in the morning, but by the afternoon it was fairly good and we ventured out to the stores.

Thursday more old friends are coming and I have several surprises planned.

More later!

5 thoughts on “Puppies Are Growing”

  1. Don´t worry about the blog. Sounds like you have it really busy and you should take the time to visit with friends. Good to see the puppy´s are doing so well. Cute as ever!

  2. Morning Mom! Thanks for that dose of puppy pictures! They are so handsome! Can’t wait to meet them. Will talk to A this weekend about when we can come for a visit.


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