Quiet Day

I decided that I had done way too much yesterday, so today I have been just making meals and if I am up, then I will pick up something on my way to the bedroom, or the kitchen, etc. and put it away. My right eye is doing okay, although I have had a little discomfort, which is keeping me honest with my rest.

Dec 3009

You can see my right eye looks pretty good, even if it doesn’t open all the way quite yet. In time it will and I just know I will regain my vision. I have faith!

I do wonder why I have had two retinal detachments at such a young age. I mean, I am 51 years old and have had detachments in both eyes! What’s with that?

Many years ago, we’re talking many, because I was only 14 at the time, my Dad took some pictures of me. I thought, in my adolescent vanity, that my eyes were so beautiful! In fact I always thought that my eyes were my best feature.


I was 15 here.

Of course now, I am a wee bit depressed because, my eyes no longer hold the glint of youth.

Of course, I kick myself and tell myself that I can see! That is the most important thing, right? I just need to get my priorities straight! I also need to stop having this little pity party and get on with it.

So the next few days I will just take it easy and stop being so hard on myself. We are planning to get some groceries tomorrow and if I can swing it (meaning feeling well enough), I would like to have Chinese food for our lunch.

Slowly, life is getting back to normal and soon I will be back up and running around with my doggies!

9 thoughts on “Quiet Day”

  1. Hope you will be well again soon!!
    I am sure your eye will be totaly ok again. And your eyes are still beautiful!

    Have a great day and a good Silvester Night!

  2. Well, I still think your eyes are beautiful features – and I still think they SHINE when you smile! And I pray your vision DOES come back! That must be very scary.

  3. What are you saying ! your eyes are still beautiful and haven’t changed. That’s only you who sees a difference in the mirror ! I have to admit that my fifties weren’t so good, I really started a new life with 60, lol ! Now I really feel well and have made peace with myself. Tonight I will go with my friend Ilona to celebrate the New Year in Brussels, watching the big firework but before we will spend some time in the Casino ! (hehehe, two oldies gambling) I like to play but very careful and stop as soon as I loose, it’s just for fun. Mr. G. prefers to watch TV !

  4. Happy New Year, Maribeth. I hope your eyes continue to get better every hour. I don’t look much like my pictures when I was 15ish, either. Isn’t it odd! I’m well over 60 now, so probably something has happened in the past 40 years that changed me some…at least I hope so. 😉

  5. I love the younger you and I love the older you! You look great to me in both photos and your eyes still shine and twinkle. Happy New Year! Love YOU, Mel

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