Cell Phones and Seattle

Have you ever watched people in airports? During our trip yesterday I did and I have some observations for you the next time you intend to travel.

Now I have never seen people wear the sorts of odd foot attire that I saw yesterday. Everything from the rather acceptable, (though impractical) flip-flops to the highest of heels for women to sandals to cowboy boots for the men.
Okay let’s start with the ladies.
Girls, I know you all love your flip flops, but they are just plain dangerous! One unsuspecting girl nearly lost a toe when a granny ran over her feet with a 400 pound carry-on wheelie!
There were also the high, high, heels, which, if these had been worn in Louisiana by rescue teams, no one would have gotten wet! The trouble with those is that one little bump and the woman in the shoes is on her proverbial butt!
Stick to comfortable, but practical shoes, please!
Boys, you didn’t escape my notice either. The sandals I could actually live with, had you washed your feet, but the number of men in shoes with no socks, was amazing! What’s with that?
And then, of course there were cowboy boots. I saw scores of them. Now where in Seattle do these guys think they’re going to find a Rodeo?

Cell Phones
This is my next big thing. Everyone has a cell phone now. And it’s easy to see this in an airport, because, everyone is on the darn thing. Everyone except the little Nun I saw, and let’s face it, her conversations are of a more “divine” nature!
There was one girl who was extremely attractive. I noticed her right away. She looked a lot like Jennifer Aniston. Anyway she was walking towards our gate on her cell phone. Talking, talking, talking. She went up to the agent, passed her ticket to him, all the while talking. He passed her ticket and boarding pass back and she continued to talk. This continued right up, onto the plane, until the flight attendant asked her to please shut off her cell phone. No sooner had we touched down and the flight attendant welcomed us to Seattle and announced we could once again use our cell phone’s this young woman is back to talking. All the way to baggage claim and then the last I saw her she was still talking in the rental car line.
What is it with some people and cell phones?

is beautiful and today we head off to Mount Rainier for a day and night. I’ve been here once before, but I had forgotten just how nice it is up here in the Northwest!

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  1. Hi Maribeth!!
    I was going to call you on your cell phone just to see if the friends and family will connect us when we get to Alaska… I made the same observation in early August when I traveled to New Hampshire to see you. So many cell phones so little footwear… I love you.

  2. Hope you are enjoying your day today! Another thing to notice in airports is the speed with which people move! It is very easy to make determinations about why (or even where) someone is traveling, simply by watching their walking speed and sense of direction throughout the airport.

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