One For My Scrap Book

The other day I picked up our local paper to check out who is running for various town office’s in our March election. You all know that I am, but still, seeing my name in black and white made the event all that more real for me.

When I went out the other day I picked up paper, laminating sheets and a clip so I can make myself a “Hi I’m Maribeth ******running for Library Trustee.

I plan to get up early, do a full make-up job, wear my long underwear and then stand outside in the candidate area to shake hands with people as they come to vote.

I want people to know who they are voting for. I want to meet the people in my town face to face. I just hope when they see this face,

Jan 6 09a 012

they won’t run screaming from the polls! Hopefully they will see this face and feel comfortable voting for me. At least one thing is for sure, I won’t be some anonymous name on a paper ballot. I will be the strange woman in the parking lot smiling and shaking hands (and freezing her butt off, I’m sure)! The election is March 9th.

6 thoughts on “One For My Scrap Book”

  1. You know, Maribeth, I think they MIGHT run screaming! That is SUCH a scary picture! *rolling my eyes SO hard they’ll probably get stuck in opposite positions*

  2. I’m sure it will be a good experience! I would vote for you! 🙂 And not just cause I’m your daughter! xo

    Love you lots,


  3. Full make up and long underwear and nothing else ? I am sure you will get lots of votes especially from men ! Hope you don’t get arrested, lol !
    I would vote for you of course !

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