We’re back!
We actually got back very late on Saturday night, but I admit that I do not change time zones well, and most of yesterday was spent in a fog. Hubby and I did make a trip out to the store to fill the cupboards with food, but I just didn’t do much else.
Oh, well, yes, I guess I did. I cooked and cleaned up. And I had to really talk to myself the entire way through that!
You see, I really loved having all my meals cooked for me and cleaned up for me on the ship. All I had to do was show up. The biggest concern I had was finding a table near a window so we had a good view during our meal. I would circle the dining room over and over until I got a spot near the window and it was truly worth it.
The food was fabulous! I loved it all. But I have to say that starting the day with cream cheese, smoked salmon and toasted bagels was just about heaven on earth.
Sept  12 052.jpg
I ate a lot of fish. Salmon, Alaskan King Crab, Shrimp and Sword fish. I also ate a lot of salads. And then too, I ate a ton of desserts!
And I weighed in yesterday and found I hadn’t gained an ounce! Well thank the good Lord for that! It wasn’t because I didn’t try! In fact, besides enjoying the great views, I made sure I didn’t miss a meal!
Over the next few days I’ll try to take the trip day by day and break it down and write it about it.

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  1. Hi Mom, Glad you made it home safely and had such a nice time. Welcome Back!

    Still pending the final appraisal on the condo, but think everything should be all set. Give me a call once you’re settled in, and maybe we can make plans to get together sometime soon!

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