My Little Greta

When we arrived home, the three dogs just about died with happiness! Shubi and Fritz have been through this before, so they were used to the comings and goings of their jet setting parents. But, this was the first time I have left Greta. At a year and a half, she has never been away from me, and her reaction has been one that has torn at my heart.
She has acted like, “what did I do that caused you to run away?”
She has been snuggling in my lap wanting to be held and patted. And she has needed constant reassurance. Even now, four days later. Poor Greta.
How I wish I could tell her that I was just going away for a few days and would be back. I wish she understood and wouldn’t be so upset.
I think it is just plain mean that Shubi and Fritz didn’t explain it all to her. Maybe they are getting her back for all the bones she has taken away from them!

2 thoughts on “My Little Greta”

  1. Aww how sute she missed her mom. But I agree the other two have a responsibility to explain these things to her! She will get used to it when you take your next cruise!

  2. Can’t explain that to Maxi either….I just came over for the first time since you got back, sorry…Those pictures are beautiful…I’m anxious to see more when you can.

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