After many years using my old page skin, a lovely lady named Emily helped me design this new page. I wanted fonts that were deep and easy to read, as you all know my vision is poor, and I wanted bright spring colors that were also soothing! I am thrilled.

Thank you so much, Emily!!!

So what do you think of the new and improved Dackel Princess?

16 thoughts on “Surprise!!”

  1. What a “spring” dress for your blog ! It looks lovely and fresh ! But there is a problem with your link. I can’t open it from my comments I get the message “Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (hyyp) isn’t associated with any program”, that’s strange.
    I sent you an email 2 days ago, didn’t you get it ? It was the answer on your last one.

  2. Oh Maribeth,
    The new design is so cute! Now we can think about and see the little dackels everytime we come here. I swear I heard them growl just a little while I was reading something else just now. 😉

    The new look is very peaceful like you.

  3. Looks great – Emily does fabulous work, doesn’t she? And you were probably kind enough to not muck around with her design too (I was not that kind when she did my redesign).

  4. I do like the new design! Love the banner at the top of the page! What a great picture!

    Hope you have a good day!

    Love you,


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