Despite pretty horrible weather conditions, Hubby and I braved the elements, and drove the 45 minute drive to go and meet the World’s Smallest Horse…Einstein!!!

We had heard of this little guy right after he was born on our local news. Born April 22nd. He was far smaller than most miniature horses are when they are born. Overnight, this adorable little guy became a celebrity!

The diminutive horse born in New Hampshire could lay claim to the world record for lightweight foal. The pinto stallion named Einstein weighed just 6 pounds and measured 14 inches in height when he was born. Yes, gentle readers, he is a real horse!

We arrived fairly early and actually got a decent parking place. This was important because it was raining fairly hard. Thankfully, I had my raincoat and two sturdy umbrellas! We found we were nearly at the end of the line at 10 AM!

May 08 10 059

Fortunately we were in line with some very nice people, and when I look back I can actually say, despite the rain, everyone was in a good mood and we all got along nicely!

As the time went by, we watched the owners take kids for horse rides up and down the street. No one seemed to even notice that the rain was coming down. It was definitely a festive atmosphere!

May 08 10 067

There were other miniature horses in pens. These horses were so friendly and I can confess to actually kissing one in the nose. They are that precious!

May 08 10 052

May 08 10 050

These horses truly were kid magnets, and every time I turned around I found kids running over to pat them.

May 08 10 049

Even this woman couldn’t resist going over to look at the small horses. As you can see, the weather really was amazingly bad!

May 08 10 060

Soon we turned the corner and saw the sign on the Barn. “Tis A Miniature Horse Farm”. Oh, my heart started to beat quickly as the anticipation of meeting Einstein hit home!

May 08 10 001

While we waited, I was running all around taking pictures. I went into the tent where they had other mini horses and I met this Mare who was due to foal any day. I touched her side and could feel her baby kick! It was amazing!!!

May 08 10 012

And then….we were there, inside the barn and we started down the row to see the babies in the barn with Einstein. This was particularly helpful because the night before a foal had been born and this gave us an idea of what a normal miniature foal should look like. Below is the newborn foal.

May 08 10 075

In the next stall…. Einstein! I stood on a box and took this picture. A handsome, tiny, sweet boy! Einstein with his Mommy!

May 08 10 029

The gentleman standing by asked everyone not to use a flash and I said, “Oh, of course. He’s just a baby and the flash would hurt his eyes”. He chuckled and said I was the first one to understand that today! Then he asked for my camera, and took this next picture!

May 08 10 031

“There’s your picture!” he said, and I leaned over and kissed his cheek and thanked him!

We also met Einstein’s Daddy, who is an award winning Stallion. He was not phased by all the attention.

May 08 10 040

Then it was time for us to leave, two soaked, cold, horse lovers, who had thoroughly enjoyed their morning and never felt the wet or cold until after we got in to the car to come home.

You can learn more about him and see pictures of him at Einsteins homepage, that can be found HERE.

18 thoughts on “Einstein”

  1. Oh, He’s adorable!!! So, so cute!! Thanks for sharing all this! Love YOU, Mel

  2. That’s unbelievable such a little horse ! It could play with Arthur, they must have the same size.
    What a waiting line but apparently it was worthwhile !
    Dario is here today for Mother’s day and I got a gift … a ceramic cat very cute and 2 red roses ! Isn’t that cute ?

  3. Oh dear Maribeth,
    this must have been a very special experience.
    Great photos.
    A horse that small, just a bit larger like the one I had as child (until 11 or 12), not a real one – hehe – they were on the Neighbour Estate – The Kings Farm. Yeah, owned by the King of Norway.

    btw. I’m for several months been a very bad commentator and even a lousy blogger. Hope to return to normal ASAP.
    I have as well a blog in Norwegian with lots of photos.
    The past weeks I have posted from some of our travels.
    You might like our images and I know very well you will understand from where they are taken.

    hugs to you and J

    T and A
    Oslo – Norway

  4. Oh, I am so happy you got to see the little fella in person. I have seen it on the news and U tube. Adorable.

  5. HOW adorable!!! We have a new baby down the street from us that I was just photographing the other day… and I thought he was tiny – but nowhere NEAR as tiny as Einstein! That is really something. How big do they think he will get?

  6. Yea, despite the weather; a festive atmosphere indeed! and what a great report with well documenting photo from you!

    What a cute little fellow and such a nice mini horse farm – very much like places I love to visit you know πŸ™‚

  7. Hi I love the pictures you posted! My MIL and I enjoyed our chat with you and your husband yesterday. I encouraged him to blog about WWII…..your blog is wonderful!Hope you got the hot cup of coffee you wanted yesterday πŸ™‚ Peace

  8. That is not only the worlds smallest horse, but the cutest too!!! Oh, how cute when he got a bit jumpy! lol

    What a line, but certainly worth the waiting. Not every day one get to see that kind of miracles πŸ™‚

  9. Used to my horses he really is VERY tiny.
    How big do they think he will get, do you know that? And how old can such little horses get?

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