She is Free!

I have not written too much about my cousin’s brave battle with cancer. I did not want to invade her privacy, and also because I have just been plain freaked out at the mere thought of losing her. She has been going through this battle for nearly a year now, and today she got the report that all her blood work and scans have come back showing NO CANCER!!!

She will need to be checked on more often, and we will watch her like a hawk, but for today my cousin, my oldest and dearest friend, Janet is free!

Nov. 16 027

I am so proud of you! In the last year, you have showed me how to be tough. How never to give up. How to keep going. I am not nearly as brave as you. I’m not sure I could have gone through all that you have with such dignity and grace!

I’m sending you, peace, love, blessings and joy! Yes, lots of joy!

8 thoughts on “She is Free!”

  1. I couldn’t be happier for Janet!! It’s just the best news ever!!! Love you Janet, and love YOU MB! Mel

  2. You are FAR more brave than I’ll ever be! Love you! And yes, Betty, both Maribeth & her sister Mel were a HUGE support to me 🙂 and I appreciate that so very much!

  3. THAT was truly WONDERFUL (and touching) news!!!!! Hurray!!! I’m so happy for you all! *Dancing around*

    Damn cancer… I hate it! If they only could come up with more cures for it!

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