Dirty Little Secrets

Okay. I have hidden this from you all for the longest time. But it is time to confess. I watch the soaps. Two of them. “All My Children” and “General Hospital”. If I can’t be there to actually watch them I have been known to tape them, or, (gasp) watch Soap Network on cable at night to catch up.
Anyone else want to confess with me?

6 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secrets”

  1. It’s so funny you say this! I use to tape them all the time. GH was my favorite. Luke and Laura, Frisco and Felicia…need I say more.

    My mom watches AMC but tapes it every day, but I don’t think she saves the tapes, she records over the shows.

    Damn! I wish I still had those tapes!! Why can’t they go on DVD’s like other TV shows?

  2. I used to tape them. GH…One Life to Live and All My Children. My roomie and I would catch up on the weekends. I had to stop but sometimes I still miss them

  3. I can’t watch them now being at work all day but I watch Days of Our Lives any chance I get. Oh that Sonny Corinthas. The hysterical part it even after over a year I still can follow the storyline. I mean HOW MANY times can Bo and Hope die/be separated and make it back!

  4. Days of Our Lives fan here. I can’t watch it unless I’m off work, but I have found a blog that recounts it daily…sad, isn’t it. Also, I’ve caught it once or twice on the SOAP channel. It’s a nice mindless hour to relax.

  5. Looks like Days of our Lives is the winner here. My grandmother watched Days from “the beginning”, my mom now 58 (shed kill me to know I posted that on the web) has watched it since she was in her late 20’s and Im 28 and have watched it on and off since I was 16. I love it. It is on soapnet now so if I do miss it in the day, I can watch it at night. There was a story line that went on for over a year with the Salem killer and I was sooooo ready for that to be over. It has a good story line going on now though.

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