Getting My Coffee Grounds Read!

I went to a Greek Festival today and while I was there I had the most delicious Greek Coffee!  I sipped it slowly and when I was done, my cup was tipped and circled three times and then the woman read my coffee grounds.

She said “If you were pregnant I would see you having triplets! I see three babies!” I told her my dog was pregnant and she said that it could be that my dog is going to have three babies! Oh I hope she is right!

July 31 008

How many do you see?

July 31 009

Meanwhile, Arnie made himself comfortable in Hubby’s arms. Arnie is so affectionate and extremely demonstrative. I hope Anneliese has three puppies just like her brother!

July 31 006

Happy Sunday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Getting My Coffee Grounds Read!”

  1. I said three from the start! Let’s hope so! Off to church, Ron is the reader today. We were going to rest around here. NO rest for the weary. Love YOU, Mel

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