Never Forget

Today it is nine years since my country suffered attacks by AlQaeda, that forever changed my fellow Americans. It is still one of the saddest days of my life, so horrific that I am still unsure that I will ever recover.

On that fateful day, two French brothers were working in New York City making a documentary. Their film, is the best chronicle of that day. Many libraries have the film and you can check it out. If not go HERE and order it. Truly shocking and amazing.

I think everyone knows where they were on that day. They can tell you almost to the second where they were and what they were doing.


The day that our innocence died.

It makes me quite sad that so many people do not understand, or remember what happened that day. How often I have heard that these people are just like us and didn’t mean to hurt us.

Then I recall that this was intentionally done and the coordination of the event was for the largest number of deaths possible.

There have been some who refuse to give up. They stand up and they stand for all the goodness of the people in our country. They don’t allow people to lie to us, or to have us believe that we are all the same. Truly, there is evil in the world.


So remember those who died. Pray for their souls, but also remember the men who took those innocent lives, and the ones out there that would kill you as soon as look upon your face.

Please, Never Forget!

It’s the only protection that we have.

7 thoughts on “Never Forget”

  1. I am thinking of the people who survived and are forever sick and suffer terrible deseases ! All these firement with burnt lungs and no financial help ! I think it is better to be a dead hero then a living one.
    Ben Laden is still hiding somewhere and so many soldiers were killed in Irak and those who came back will also never forget. And the once who are now in Afghanistan ? Not only Americans and all this because 9/11, how could we ever forget ?? It’s still actual !

  2. I will NEVER EVER Forget.. Never. My stomach is sick today grieving for those lost that day and for their families, Your blog was beautiful today. Thanks so much for it.

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  3. That documentary by the 2 French brothers is the only thing I watch on the anniversary day, every year. I want to remember the day as it was, as we all watched as it unfolded, before it became a political tool. It is an exquisite piece of work.

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