Friday found two important things happening here. First, the washing machine was fixed. However, when I got the bill, I just about passed out. We’d been quoted one price and the final bill was considerably higher! For what he charged us to repair the machine, we could “easily” have gone out and purchased a new one. I was not at all happy, but bit my lip and told myself that I won’t call this man again, nor will I repair the machine if anything else goes wrong!

After we’d been taken advantage of with the washer, I really didn’t feel like spending any more money. I was kind of just stewing about the outlay of funds, when Hubby started talking about my sewing machine. I told him I found that actually these were quite reasonably priced, and that it was time to send my 30 year old Singer to the recycling center.

Hubby decided to drag me out to buy a new machine. We had done a little looking on line, and got an idea of what was out there, and what had done well with Consumer Reports. In fact it was a best buy and considered a reliable machine.

brothers sewing machine

Now I was nervous when we got her home and I set her up on the table. First I wound the bobbin, and put it into the bobbin slot. Then I walked away. Why did I do that? Frankly, sewing machines freak me out and I needed the time to calm myself.

After an hour, I went over and sat down and threaded the machine. Now here is the totally cool part…the machine is self threading!!! This is so great for someone like me whose vision is quite limited. After I did this, I turned the machine off for the night and went to calm my nerves once again.

Sunday morning, after Hubby and Fritz went out to hike, I sat down at the table and sewed. I made two dogs toys, and then took an old linen dish towel and made rows of practice stitches. You see, this machine comes with 50 pre-programmed stitches! Wow!

Oct 30 005

Oct 30 007

I’m excited about the machine and even see myself attempting something wild like a curtain or two! What a joy. I always believed I couldn’t sew, now I realize it was the blasted machine!

Oh I am a happy girl!

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  1. This is fantstic for you you MB!! Does the machine come with any classes? you may be able to find a class on this machine which will make the learning faster, however looks like you have it sorted anyway! As self threading machine, I need to get one of these!

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