Friday found Hubby helping me do the shopping. I had so much to get and really needed his help. You see, this wasn’t fun shopping, it was necessary shopping.

We bought dog food and laundry soap and Kleenex and drinks. Bread, milk, eggs and cheese, and the biggest purchase of vegetables and fruit.

We both noted how prices had gone up and tried our best to make good choices in order to keep to our budget, but it wasn’t easy!

I started to think that perhaps I need to plant a bigger vegetable garden this year. I’ll be planting, zucchini, summer squash, butternut squash, tomatoes, two kinds of cucumbers, eggplant, and beans. I also would like to have a little patch of herbs. Specifically Basil, which is my favorite!

We drove home and unpacked our haul, and then sat quietly, and talked before dinner. I was happy that on Friday all I had to do for dinner was warm up a bunch of leftovers.

As I looked outside after dinner I noticed the most beautiful moon that we have seen in a long while.

March 18 006

Now I am tired and so I will say, “Good Night Moon!”

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  1. That’s the same here, everything gets more and more expensive, except computers, cameras and such things they get always cheaper. And vegetables for the moment are really very expensive !

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