What I Did Last Weekend…Part One

On Thursday morning June 2nd, Hubby and I finished packing everything we could possibly use at Hubby’s 50th College Reunion into our car. I’d made a thermos of coffee, and had two bottles of juice, and we had two fried egg sandwiches to eat in the car for our breakfast! The trunk contained two suitcases, two duffel bags, two suit bags, two computer bags, a shoe bag and a camera bag. I’d also tossed in an iron, some diet soda and snacks. Oh yes, and a couple of umbrellas, jackets and the GPS!

So, off we went, up and over the mountains from New Hampshire to Vermont. It’s funny how different the two states are. Our roads tend to be twisting and turning and up and down, and in Vermont, they have miles of flat pasture land with the mountains on either side. We did our fair share of driving the Vermont Mountains to get to Middlebury though and they sure have a number of challenging mountain roads!

We arrived on campus about 1 o’clock in the afternoon, taking us just over three hours to get there. We checked in, got our name tags, folder of information and parking placard for the car, before we left and headed to The Middlebury Inn to check in there. Since we had a TON OF STUFF with us, we asked for help filling up our room. A very nice man got the luggage cart, and brought us up in the elevator. After that we took the grand staircase, as it was truly a lovely thing to do.

The old Inn, founded in 1826 has so many finely carved wooden shelves, stairs, bars and registration areas.

June 2 11 005

Our room was beautiful and best of all…quiet. I slept like a baby.

June 2 11 009

Tea was served every afternoon, making me think lovingly of my grandmother. In fact the Inn itself, made me think of her.

Hubby and I sat down and had lunch before heading back over to the college to meet up with Hubby’s friends from the class. There were meetings and events and a lot of joking around before we returned to the Inn to change into our evening clothes.

You all will recall that I was worried about finding a dress for this event. I even fretted that the dress I bought was not good enough, or the right look. Well, I needn’t have worried as most of the women wore slacks or even jeans. Hubby and I were surprised at how casual the entire Reunion was. Not to worry, I looked great and that helped me with my confidence.

Of course the saddest thing is, I don’t have one picture of me in my dress! It just didn’t work out. You see, it was Hubby’s weekend, so all the pictures are of him. I was the cameraman! The picture below is the only one of Hubby and I from the weekend!

June 2 11 008

The first night we met with the President of the college and his wife for a cocktail party. It was quite lovely, held in the garden of their home, under a tent. The President and his wife seemed very nice, but were shockingly young! He is only one year older than me!!!

After the cocktail party we all were driven to the Atwater Dining Hall. It had been specially decorated for the event and the meal and the short and sweet speeches made it a lovely night. The food was good, and the company at our table also quite nice.

Hubby and I headed back to our room at the Inn.

End of Part 1

4 thoughts on “What I Did Last Weekend…Part One”

  1. And I thought I always packed too much. 🙂 It´s good to know you will have everything you need, right? haha
    Glad you had such a good time.

  2. Nice picture of you even if it is the only one. I am the camera “man” at all the events and I don’t get in as many pictures. Such is life, I guess! Love YOU, Mel

  3. That was almost a move to Vermont, lol ! See your dress was right ! I noticed here too that people dress up less and less even for important events. The Inn looks very cosy, like an English Pub !

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